Deficient Food: Food is not always equal to good nutrition = You are what you eat!

It is a fact: most of us eat too much and too much fatty foods!
The research up to now shows again and again a direct connection between the diseases of the industrialized countries and lifestyles. This fact has long been known. Nutrient deficient foods lead to poor health. Nutritious food is a "must" and part of a healthy lifestyle.

Stay away from Junk food, then like addiction to other substances, junk food binging is extremely difficult to stop. A new released study from April 2010 shows compulsive eating shares the addictive Biochemical Mechanism with Cocaine, Heroin Abuse. Kenny, a scientist at Scripps Research's Florida campus, said that the study, which took nearly three years to complete, confirms the "addictive" properties of junk food. What happens in addiction is lethally simple, Kenny explained. The reward pathways in the brain have been so over stimulated that the system basically turns on itself, adapting to the new reality of addiction, whether its cocaine or cupcakes. "
This change in brain chemistry and behavior from overeating of junk food mimics that of drugs.
(Ref: Scripps Research Institute, Vol.10 Issue 12 April 2010)

Watch out for "hidden" fats (such as those in salad dressing, desserts and ready prepared meals). Learn to read the ingredient labels and show your kids to do the same. Try to stick with portions which are not the largest.

It is vital for our health to take the nutrition facts to heart. Nutrient deficient foods will make us sick.
Reach for foods which are health promoting. I have examples healthy foods here.

Always remember to take time and sit when you are eating. Sitting in the car is not a place to eat a meal. Chew well, best at least 30 times every bite. Keep your meals pleasant without the TV running or newspaper and magazine reading. Instead enjoy the colors, the taste and texture of your meal.

Already in the year 1796 the well known Doctor Christoph William Hufeland(1762-1836), Personal Doctor of Schiller and Goethe published his Masterpiece: 'Makrobiotik oder die Kunst das menschliche Leben zu verlängern' (Macrobiotics, or the art of extending human life), in which he points out and suggests a lifestyle in harmony and a special nutrition.

Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food.
(Hippocrates 460 B.C.)

What about your nutrition?
What did you eat today and what did you eat yesterday?

"Eat yourself healthy!" Says a brochure of the World Cancer Research Fund.

"Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle" is the theme for the National Nutrition Month 2015.

"Basing your diet on plant foods is a great first step to eating well and reducing your cancer risk."
(website World Cancer Research Fund)

The renowned German magazine "Spiegel Spezial 5/2005" wrote:
The devastating results caused by wrong food is costing our health care and social system 71 billion Euros, says German Verbraucherschutzministerin (consumer care and protection minister) Renate Künast.

Each third case of death, says the German Ministry for education and research, is a result of excessive and poor nutrition. And about one third of all costs within the health care system are caused by illnesses, which are associated with poor and unhealthy nutrition.
(ref: Spiegel Spezial 5/2005)

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) in the USA said that of children born in the year 2000, 30 to 40% will develop diabetes. This will cripple the health care system in America. We spend $50 billion a year on diet aids and $117 billion a year on diet-related diseases.
(ref: delta airlines SKY Magazine issue April 2006)

Already 1981 a study was presented showing, that ca. 35% of all death from cancer are related to wrong nutrition. In some types of cancer the percentile is even higher.
(ref: World Cancer Research Fund + Deutsches Institut für Ernährungsforschung)

After coronary heart failures, strokes, diabetes and cancer we are now facing another big health problem: Obesity....

The WHO, the worlds leading health organization wrote:
This problem is reaching "levels of an epidemic".

Former US-Minister of Health, Secretary Tommy Thompson said in December 2004:
We eat ourselves to death.
World health organizations propagate a fat reduced low calorie diet.
German Consumer Protection Minister Künast often quotes a British research to warn about the outcome of obesity in children. "There is danger that we are raising a generation who will die before their parents".
(ref: Spiegel Spezial 5/2005)

Politicians and medical experts demand: the girls and boys need to learn how to exercise and to eat a healthy diet.
For this they need parents and teachers, who support this by setting a good example. They play a key role in making healthy choices. It is mostly the mothers who are selecting the food they prepare for the family. For this reason it is important for them to understand the difference of healthy foods and junk food and how it effects health in the long run. Without setting the right example this concept of prevention will not succeed and thus the terrible prognosis will prevail.
This must not and should not happen. The children are our future!

Great news: A start in the right direction has been initiated in February 2010. First Lady Michelle Obama launched the Let's Move! campaign to solve the childhood obesity epidemic.
 Let's Move offers parents the simple tools, support and information they need to make healthier choices for their family. Children learn from the choices they see adults make.  If children see parents enjoying nutritious foods and physical activity, they're more likely to do the same. 

We need healthy, happy and competent people in our world. To achieve this we must all participate in our family's health management as best as we can.

I do my part. What about you?
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(updated January 2016)

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