Adequate physical activity and moderate sport are important parts of health management

It is a fact: Most of us do not have or get enough physical exercise.

A healthy body and spirit needs physical exercise!

Many of us are spending daily 8, 9, 10 hours a day at the desk. At home after a days work as well as on the weekends we are adding many more hours of physical inactivity. Most people in the US are using the vehicle to drive to the store, to friends, to our clubs, meetings, etc. even if it is just "around the corner" and thus, we don't get enough exercise. This is influencing our health in a negative way.

There is no way around exercise! Exercise protects us from heart disease, strengthens our immune system and muscles. It regulates our breathing and metabolism. Exercise helps to counter act stress and even helps against depressive moods.

Here are a few simple ways to pack more exercise into the daily routine:

* Take the steps instead of the elevator.

* While talking on the phone do move around, or exercise your arms, hands and feet.

* Park your car a few parking spots further away, so you add at least some additional
points to your health account.

* Get on your bicycle if you own one, or invest in one and make a point to ride it.

* Ways to increase your exercise:

* Go dancing

* Play tennis or table tennis

* Go swimming, this is a very good exercise for most people.
The water is very therapeutic and gives a refreshing feeling.

* Try speed walking

* A newer kind of walking is called "Nordic walking", it originated in Scandinavia and has  become a big trend in other countries as well. Doing this type of walking one uses poles,  like it is used at cross country skiing.

* Go walking and hiking,
get your exercise while being out in nature.

* Get a mini trampoline and jump on it.
This is very good exercise for the lymphatic system.

* You also can become a member in a sports club and use the trainers and/or programs
they offer.

Pick out something you enjoy and test it for yourself. Exercising with your partner or friend can be even more enjoyable. You might need to check out different options before you find your favorite type of exercise.

If you start running and want to be part of one of the largest "5km races" in the US, then here is a web site where you can get information about the races in your area. These are great events for everyone. Go to: I encourage you to check it out, participate and feel the spirit. I have been a member and am supporting the organization by being a volunteer. Walking is great, it is giving you quite a few +plus points. Walking can be reducing symptoms of stress, and if you train regularly you can increase the elasticity of the heart vessels and lower the risk of heart related problems. The volume of the lung will increase and the blood can resorb more oxygen. It increases the killer cells of the immune system and therefore the body can destroy more bacteria and viruses. Walking is good for the muscles and tissues. It keeps them strong.

Plan to start exercising three times a week for at least 30 minutes each time and be consistent. After a while you can increase it to four, five or six times a week. Moderate exercise is best.
If you have not been doing any sports in a while then check with your health care practitioner before starting any exercise program. And in case you have any physical limitations, ask your doctor what kind of exercise would suit you best.

And last but not least, remember to drink plenty of fresh water during and/or after exercising!

Go for it, stay fit and have fun!

© 2006-2016 Walburga Ratti