Stress Management

Life is full of a series of events, all of which can be stress producing. Stress is our mind and body's reaction to tension from daily life as well as past events and future anxieties. There is positive stress and negative stress. Stress can come from any situation or thought that makes us feel frustrated, anxious, afraid or angry. What is stressful to one person is not necessarily stressful to another. Anxiety is a feeling of apprehension or fear while sometimes the source might not be recognized which can add to the distress we feel. We can, however, learn to be aware of our personal signs of negative stress factors and learn how to manage those stress producers.

A vital part of good health management includes relaxation. We all need to relax in order to keep a healthy balance. It is important to plan 20-30 minutes of relaxation time every day.

Stress reducing methods can be different for each of us. There are many different and great methods of relaxation for spirit, body and soul. Examples include:

* Reading a good book

* Listening to relaxing music

* Playing an instrument

* Singing

* Dancing

* Being creative such as painting, making ceramics or pottery

* Writing

* Taking a walk

* Taking a bath

* Visualization

* Muscle relaxation

* Meditation

* Gardening

* Learning and practicing Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Yoga

There are many books on the market and classes are also available to learn these relaxation techniques. Learning new things is also a good way to meet people who have the same interest which can be a very positive experience. Look around, pick something out and test it. We sometimes need to explore different methods before we discover the "ideal" kind of relaxation. Perhaps you will find that more than one type of relaxation enchants you or you may want to alternate different techniques depending on your mood and feelings.

* Go out into nature and enjoy the seasons. Nature has a calming and relaxing effect. Enjoy watching the clouds, the fields, the flowers, the trees, and listen to the birds.
* Absorb the energy of the light, the sun and the various beautiful colors. Out in mother's nature we can charge up on emotional and spiritual strength and it is all free.

Through stress management we can build up the +plus points and deposit them into our health account!

It is always a good time to start, make a plan how you like to reduce your stress, begin with it and stay with it. Stress Management plays an important role in your overall health, so be consistent!

Wish you great success for charging your battery, implementing and enjoying your daily "relaxing time"!

To your health!


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